Between all the twerking and barely-safe-for-TV motions, Miley Cyrus will no doubt surprise you with her view on relationships.

Her 2013 album, Bangerz, which peaked at number one on Billboard in its first week, kicks off with a surprising slow jam. For an album seeking to redefine Miley’s image and propel her beyond the simplistic Disney character, her first track “Adore You” is shocking, and not in the typical hyper-sexualized Miley fashion we’re getting used to.

Miley sings to her boy, asking if he can hear her and then launches into a profession of love that sounds more like a youth group crush than modern artist remaking herself.

Then things get interesting: she tells her boy “we’re meant to be in holy matrimony” and gives credit to God for their relationship: “God knew exactly what he was doing when he lead me to you.”

While this message of the sanctity of marriage and belief in divine romantic arrangement doesn’t seem to align with the rest of Miley’s messages, one must be at least curious why she launches her album with this slow jam.

Maybe within Miley, known for her provocative performances and wild overcompensation, there is a part of her that is looking for something spiritual, something monogamous and something traditional. If she is going for shocking, perhaps this would be the most surprising of all.

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