Terrorist attacks. Race riots. Degenerate politics. How bad will things get before they get better? Will they get better?

In the midst of all of this darkness, something amazing is happening in Poland right now, though you wouldn’t know it from the main stream media.

Hundreds of thousands of young people, from different countries from all over the world, with different languages, different skin colors, are all coming together to joyfully and peacefully praise Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m talking about World Youth Day!

World Youth Day is of course a misnomer, since the amazing event runs for about a week (the first two times it happened in the mid-1980s it was only one day). Today, it’s a week-long event for hundreds of thousands if not millions of young people from all over the world come together to worship God and get inspired for their faith. Though it’s been held in different places all over the world, this year it’s in Krakow, Poland.

Watch this simple but amazing video below from one of the events, and tell me that it doesn’t give you hope!

Peace and unity is possible in Jesus Christ!

The Holy Father Pope Francis understands what this means for our world right now, as he tweeted this out the day before WYD started:


It reads: “Dear young people, let us offer the world a mosaic of many races, cultures and peoples united in the name of Jesus! #Krakow2016”

Pray for the success and safety of WYD!

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