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Actor and producer Mark Wahlberg met with one of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal for a private Mass before his Ash Wednesday interview on NBC’s Today Show.

Wahlberg appeared on the Feb. 22 edition of the morning show to discuss his faith, family life, the season of Lent, and his involvement with the Catholic prayer app, Hallow.

However, before the interview, Father Mark-Mary Ames of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal celebrated Ash Wednesday Mass for Wahlberg.

Father Mark-Mary, CFR, often records for both Ascension Presents and the Hallow App. He told ChurchPOP’s Jacqueline Burkepile that Wahlberg requested Mass and ashes due to his early-morning interview schedule. Hallow then contacted him with the request.

“Originally I was scheduled to celebrate Mass that morning for the Sisters of Life, but the convent I committed to decided to celebrate Mass and have a retreat day at one of their other convents, so it meant I had a free morning,” Father Mark-Mary said.

The Franciscan then said that Wahlberg’s request showed sincerity, because he asked for both Mass and ashes, in addition to his desire to “represent his faith” during the interview.

“I’m a Franciscan. I’m not up to date on all things Hollywood or Mark Wahlberg and his career choices. But when I celebrated Mass with him, I believe deeply that I was praying with a man sincere about his faith and committed to the Lenten invitation to repentance and deeper conversion to Christ,” Father Mark-Mary told ChurchPOP.

“He seems like a good guy,” the priest added. “He was very gracious towards me and thankful for my time.”

Here’s a photo below:

Courtesy of Father Mark-Mary Ames, CFR

Father Mark-Mary said he also needed ashes since an additional cleric was not present. He asked the group if someone could place ashes on his forehead, and Wahlberg volunteered.

Here’s the photos below:

Courtesy of Father Mark-Mary Ames, CFR

Courtesy of Father Mark-Mary Ames, CFR

In his final comments, Father Mark-Mary told ChurchPOP that while celebrating Mass with Wahlberg was a blessing, “nothing beats having Mass outside in the snow” with the Sisters of Life.

“As a priest, I’m always down for a ‘sacramental adventure,’ such as bringing the sacraments to the sick or imprisoned. And, celebrating Mass for Mark and helping him represent his faith on such a large platform was a blessing to me as well.

“But nothing beats having Mass outside in the snow so that quarantining Brides of Christ can receive their Beloved each day.”

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