Could a fiery temper actually be a force for good?

On this episode of “The Catholic Gentleman,” John Heinen, Sam Guzman, and Devin Schadt discuss anger and when your indignation can be righteous!

Sam, a mental health counselor, explains that anger is an often misunderstood emotion.

Despite the common misconception, not all anger is inherently sinful or destructive either, he says.

"Anger is never an isolated emotion; there are other things attached to helplessness, loneliness, shame, a cry for justice." 

The distinction between just and unjust anger is crucial in understanding how and when anger can be a legitimate response to injustice, Devin says.

"There's a tendency to believe that all anger is bad, but that's not true...anger as merely an emotional response to an intermittent, environmentally-stimulated influence is not a sin." 

Sam points out that today’s norm of short-tempered responses can make navigating discourse challenging, especially when ordinary discussion can quickly turn into controlling impulsive reactions to provocation.

"Patience is saying, 'I have this intense impulse, but I'm just going to sit with the discomfort.' There's power in that.”

The gentlemen suggest there can be transformative potential to anger, and redirecting this potent emotion towards positive outcomes can lead us to greater spiritual growth. 

"If you can free up that spiritual energy, all of these things are going to start to change in your life," Sam says.

To help us distinguish between destructive wrath and righteous indignation, they share some valuable insights for listeners to reflect, understand, and control their anger in ways that align with Catholic teachings on morality.

In a world where tempers often flare at the click of a button, this episode has some great wisdom! Watch below 👇

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Saint Jerome, patron of angry times, pray for us! 🙏

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