Pop singer Avril Lavigne released the music video, “I Fell in Love With the Devil.”

The Grammy-nominated artist stirred quite the controversy before dropping the video, as she posted multiple questionable photos of herself in gothic attire and make-up while holding a crucifix.

Many social media users also expressed concerns about the song’s lyrics, possibly accusing her of blasphemy.

However, she explained the song is about removing herself from a toxic relationship.

Here’s a small preview of the lyrics:


I fell in love with the devil
And now I’m in trouble
I fell in love with the devil
I’m underneath his spell (ah)
Someone send me an angel
To lend me a halo
I fell in love with the devil
Please, save me from this hell (Oh-oh-oh-oh)


Angels and devils always fight over me (fight over me)
Take me to heaven, wake me up from this dream
Even in sunlight a cloud shadows over me (shadows over me)
It’s now or never, wake me up from this dream

Christ’s Healing from Heartbreak

As she sings about this bad relationship (aka, “the devil”), she holds a crucifix close to hear heart, wears a crucifix on her heart, and hangs the crucifix on the piano. The piano also signifies a piece of her heart, because she expresses her heart through her music.

The crucifix may symbolize Christ’s healing and deliverance from the heartbreak she’s experienced from this terrible relationship.

Detaching from a toxic relationship is also difficult, which is why she says, “angels and demons fight over me.”

Her dark clothing and attire could signify her internal battle with darkness. Holding the crucifix and asking for Christ’s help can deliver her from this heartache and toxic attachment.

She pushes the man playing “the devil,” away at the end of the video.

The video again depicts her at the piano with the crucifix. She then walks away from a cloud of smoke and into the light. Lavigne still appears dark, but heads towards the light.

Healing takes time. While there is still some toxicity, it is clear she did not choose the devil.

While Lavigne did not discuss Christ in this statement she issued regarding the song’s meaning, the dominant display of crucifixes throughout the video speaks much louder than her words.

Lavigne also grew up Christian and singing in church. She’s been very vocal about God saving her from death after her long battle with Lyme Disease.

Watch the video below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

What are your thoughts about the video?

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