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In the video below, Fr. Mike Schmitz explains the Catholic teaching on contraception and in vitro fertilization.

The video’s description states, “For many people, the Catholic Church’s teaching on in vitro fertilization and contraception is a hard one, but it is in concordance with the nature of things.

“The nature of a thing, as Fr. MIke puts it, is its ‘what-it’s-for-ness.’

“Sex is for procreation and the unity of the couple. Equally important is the fact that sex, not in vitro fertilization, is the natural way to bring forth a new life.

“Contraception and in vitro fertilization violate the nature of not only sex, but also the nature of the person and life itself.

“If you feel that this teaching prohibits you from being truly happy, Fr. Mike offers encouragement. It may not seem fair to us at first, but the deep abiding peace we acquire from living by God’s plan is better than anything we could acquire by doing things our way.”

Listen to his explanation below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

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