Is respect the cornerstone of love in marriage?

On this episode of “The Catholic Gentleman,” John Heinen, Sam Guzman, and Devin Schadt discuss the underappreciated role of respect in relationships, and how it might just hold the key to unlocking a flourishing Catholic marriage!

The gentlemen begin by addressing a fundamental truth often overlooked in relationships today: the deep-seated need for men to feel respected. This isn’t just a social norm, but is actually deeply rooted in biblical teaching, Schadt says.

"God through Saint Paul divinely inspired the passage 'wives respect your husbands' because it leads to more sacrifice, attentiveness, and pure love."

Respect is key to laying the foundation for a robust marital bond and fulfilling each other’s emotional and spiritual needs. However, it is important to communicate respect in the context of being together on a shared journey of understanding and growth with your spouse.

"Relationships are a pillar of being a Catholic gentleman; how you're forming those relationships and loving your neighbor as yourself is a principle of our lives and our faith," Heinen explains.

Virtues like patience, kindness, and self-control are essential to nurturing respect in marital and family relationships. These virtues are practical tools for daily life, not just ideals!

“By engaging in abstinence and understanding in marriage, you learn to love disinterestedly, tenderly, reverently. It's about being a gift to your spouse, not just fulfilling your own needs,” Schadt adds.

The key to the life of a Catholic family is a love that's respectful, communicative, and self-giving, the gentlemen say. By embracing family traditions that reinforce respect and faith within the household, we can make the domestic church tangible and lived.

Like Heinen says, "If it's bringing you and your family closer to Christ, then do it." What a beautiful message!

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Let’s rediscover the power of respect! 🙌

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