An exorcist gave a dire warning about a board game sold on Amazon. Beyond appearances, it is extremely dangerous.

Father Ernesto María Caro shared a video on the YouTube channel “Digital Evangelization” in which he warns about the “Holy Spirit Board.”

It is a game claiming to communicate with God, but “it is a disguised ouija.”

Exorcist warns about dangerous board game sold on Amazon

This is divination, and it is forbidden by Holy Scripture. This table is passed off as a game where one can communicate directly with Jesus Christ,” the priest explains.

He then elaborates that many times, people resort these practices looking for answers from God. He says God does not answer in this way.

“God is a mystery and answers mysteriously,” Father Caro says.

“It is not that God does not hear us. He cannot not hear us, because the Apostle Saint Paul says that in him we exist, in him we are and in him we move. That is why it is said that God is more present than ourselves. So He always listens to us, but what we ask for is not always convenient.”

“We will not always get the answer we like,” the priest said. “We would like to know if our parents are in heaven or not, how I am going to do at the fair, etc. And that is what people do when they go to see the sorcerers, when they use the ouija, nothing more than it is disguised–it is a disguised ouija “.

Then the priest warns: “God does not answer like this. If the answer is true–if the table moves by itself, the one who moves it is the devil. Please understand.”

“God wants us to live in His mystery: that we live by faith and believe in Him. Seek God, seek him in your prayer, seek him in the sacraments, seek him in the word; but don’t look it up in a table,” the priest continued. “Don’t think that a commercial product… will help you and solve your life”.

“The worst of evils is that [the table] moves by itself, because the one who moves it is the devil. I tell you, as exorcist of the Diocese of Monterrey, it is the devil himself,” the exorcist reiterated.

“The devil does not sleep – the devil is always looking for new tactics–new ways to get us into their networks, and this [the table] is one.”

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