It is not my job as a pastor to protect my flock from having to make hard decisions.

We have gotten this mistaken notion in parishes that we must maneuver around every secular activity and only verify that matters of faith are wholly secondary to anything else… We accommodate, dumb down, and essentially scream that what we hold as priorities don’t matter.

We clerics and those who work with youth complain about parents who treat matters of their child’s faith formation as secondary as we aid and abet the mentality. Maybe we are hooked on numbers. But as we drop our standards we are just met with a further cry to drop them even more.

Either we continue down this rabbit hole or we stop the accommodation. If we won’t stop enabling the behavior we complain about, we have no right to complain. No more enabling behavior that ends up gutting faith and reducing it coloring books and crayons!

This pastor is not going to protect you from the hard decisions. But like a good parent, I will do all in my power to help you make the right decision and will stand with you when you do.

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