Lord, please have mercy!

Jennifer Lopez (JLo) released new song entitled, “Church” for her latest movie, “Marry Me,” which should outrage every Catholic.

The pop singer and actress horribly blasphemes the faith in both the lyrics and music video.

In what appears to be a Catholic Church set, Lopez begins the live performance exclaiming, “Ladies and Gentleman, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in Holy Matrimony…”

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As she begins, women dressed in lingerie-like garments dance around her provocatively.

Throughout the performance, Lopez and her dancers repeatedly mock the Sign of the Cross, the Sacrament of Matrimony, prayer, and use obscene and sexually provocative dance gestures.

Lopez idolizes her man of interest in the lyrics, turning him into her own god. She takes Our Lord’s name in vain, compares the gates of Heaven to her sexual desires, and mocks the sacraments of confession and baptism.

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She also wears a custom-made performance outfit, which portrays an image of Our Lady near her left breast.

Here’s the video: (Warning: offensive and blasphemous content) 

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Here’s some of the song’s lyrics:

“I’m sittin’ on top
Of cloud number nine
Yeah, I’m going up, I’m gettin’ so high
No, I’m not the same, since you came around
You’re testin’ my faith, I’m prayin’ out loud.”

“I’m down on my knees, I’ve fallen for you
You’ve opened my gates, and showed me the truth
I’m born again, I’m feeling renewed
You showed me the way, I’m baptized in you.”

“Ready to say I do, making this woman true
It’s the honest to God’s truth
Church, church, church, church.”

“Yeah baby, I’m in church
Church, church, church with you
Ooh, I’m in church with you
I’m in church with you.”

The lyrics conclude with Lopez taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Catholic Church teaching on blasphemy:

Blasphemy is directly opposed to the second commandment. It consists in uttering against God – inwardly or outwardly – words of hatred, reproach, or defiance; in speaking ill of God; in failing in respect toward him in one’s speech; in misusing God’s name.

“St. James condemns those ‘who blaspheme that honorable name [of Jesus] by which you are called.’ The prohibition of blasphemy extends to language against Christ’s Church, the saints, and sacred things.”

“Blasphemy is contrary to the respect due God and his holy name. It is in itself a grave sin.”

Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2148.

Pray for Jennifer Lopez!

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