That’s what this man is claiming in an incredible story.

Charbel Raish says he was raised Catholic, but didn’t know his faith very well. So when he was confronted by smart Muslims, he didn’t know how to respond to their objections and arguments. As a result, they successfully convinced him to convert to Islam.

When he told his mother he had converted, she challenged him to visit their local Catholic church and ask Jesus in the Eucharist if he should remain Muslim. And that’s what he did.

When he was there, Jesus’ face appeared on the tabernacle, and he heard a voice inside himself say, “Charbel, are you going to give up all that I have done for you?

He knew it was Jesus. So he said in response, “No Lord, I’m not going to give you up.” He says he felt a huge weight be lifted from his shoulders, and he decided to convert back to Catholicism.

Here’s a video of him telling his amazing story:

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