Please pray for our culture!

Anarchists and gay pride activists desecrated a monument of Jesus carrying the cross yesterday in Warsaw, Poland. The group tied a bandana with the Anarchist symbol around Jesus’ mouth, and placed a rainbow flag on the cross.

Photojournalists JohnBoB & Sophie Art claimed responsibility for the desecration. The group also placed rainbow flags on multiple statues throughout Warsaw.

They also referred to the anarchist bandanas as “scarves of power.”

“We decided to act,” the post explains. “As long as the last homophobic van disappears from our streets. This is our manifestation of differences – this rainbow.

“As long as the flag makes someone worse and ‘inappropriate,’ we solemnly promise to provoke. Sorry….No one will say that the Polish flag is inappropriate and that it offends someone…When more laws are taken away from us, fate weighs on the scarves of power.”

“This is our call for battle. How long will we fall asleep thinking that nothing will change anyway. It will take so long to remind you that we exist. That you are not alone and alone. This city is ours too. Fight.”

Here’s the full post below:

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Fr. Kryspin Banko of the Congregation of the Missionary Priests of St. Vincent de Paul condemned on the act of vandalism.

“The profanation of the figure of Christ in front of the Church of the Holy Cross in Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw filled the parishioners and residents of the capital with pain,” Fr. Banko said.

“The priests from the Congregation of Missionaries, who have served in the temple there for four centuries, also express their indignation for this inexplicable act.”

“In this difficult experience for all of us, we pray for the conversion of consciences and hearts.”

Here’s enlarged photos below:

JohnBoB & Sophie Art, Facebook

JohnBoB & Sophie Art, Facebook

JohnBoB & Sophie Art, Facebook

JohnBoB & Sophie Art, Facebook

JohnBoB & Sophie Art, Facebook

Polish politician Beata Szydło said this “profanation should be condemned by all.”

Here’s her tweet below:

@BeataSzydlo, Twitter

Szydło’s full tweet reads, “LGBT activists demand respect for themselves, but it turns out that they have no respect for places and monuments of saints for Poles. The profanation of the figure of Christ in front of the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Warsaw is an act that should be condemned by all of us.”

Please pray for the conversion of all sinners! 🙏🙏🙏

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