You probably didn’t expect to see this on late night TV.

Jimmy Kimmel recently interviewed Sean Spicer, former White House Press Secretary for President Donald Trump. They were talking about President Trump’s assertions that the mainstream media is “fake news,” and Kimmel brought up the child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church as an analogy.

Here’s what Kimmel said: “You’re a Catholic, and I’m a Catholic as well. I’m offended when people lump all priests together as child abusers. I find that unfair to those who aren’t.”

Spicer agreed, but countered that was how conservatives were often treated in the media. No matter who you agree with in this exchange, it’s an interesting conversation worth watching (you can view the full interview below).

Kimmel was raised in a devout Catholic family and served as an altar boy growing up, though it’s unclear what his current religious beliefs and practices are, especially since his humor is often immoral.

Here’s the full clip (Kimmel’s comments about priests starts at 13:21):

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