World-renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson recently took to X (Formerly Twitter) to endorse the Angels Studios film, "Cabrini."

"Cabrini" tells a powerful, action-packed story about Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini who heroically fought for human dignity for countless lives. Her mission continues today throughout the world.

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini was the first canonized saint from the United States. As a Catholic sister, she immigrated from Italy and founded almost 70 institutions worldwide. These facilities included orphanages, hospitals, and schools for the poor, abandoned, and marginalized.

Peterson, who said he watched the film with his wife and Catholic convert Tammy Peterson, referred to the movie as "beautiful (Gangs of New York beautiful), rough and inspiring."

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Here's the text of his post:


"Just saw the film this morning with [Tammy Peterson], my wife. It was beautiful (Gangs of New York beautiful), rough and inspiring.

"Equally importantly, it functioned as a movie. It did not subordinate the story to the 'message.'

"I don't want to see a movie that preaches goodness. I want to see a great work of art with power.

"Cabrini is the latter.

"It's very hard to destroy the redeeming spirit of drama and character. If Hollywood abandons its commitment to the literary and artistic then the treasures it abandons will be left for others to collect, multiply and distribute.

"[Angel Studios] is doing exactly that.
Take your date, or your husband or wife--and your children.

"Aim up in tandem and celebrate."

As of this writing, Peterson's tweet generated approximately 640,000 views, almost 7,000 likes, nearly 200 comments, 1,000 retweets, and nearly 800 saves.

Here's how some users reacted:

Catholic priest Father Bruce-John Hamilton wrote, "Good! It is on my 'must see' list and that is a short list. I long for good movies and Hollywood produces so much garbage! With the incredible talent that is there, they are capable of SO MUCH MORE. Stop the c**p and give us the treasures you are capable of!"

Another user said, "My wife and I enjoyed it. Could've used a little more God in it, but I understand what you're saying and yes, it was very powerful. We need more Cabrini and less Marvel."

This user added, "I saw it too. Beautiful film. I went again with my three daughters. I rarely ever go to movies anymore because they are garbage. [Angel Studios] are the only ones making quality movies that inspire and move you - the reason you go to the movies."

Watch the first 19 minutes of the film for free below:

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Have you seen "Cabrini"? What did you think?

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