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The St. Thomas Chaldean Catholic Diocese recently posted a video of Fr. Patrick Setto of Mother of God Church in Southfield, Michigan singing at a Josh Groban concert.

In the video, Groban calls Fr. Setto up to perform his song, “To Where You Are.” However, Groban is unaware that he is a Catholic priest, referring to him only as “Patrick.”

Shocked by his beautiful and powerful singing voice, Groban allows Fr. Setto to sing for at least two minutes. He even referred to his performance as a “break,” adding it was “wonderful.”

“You just gave me a nice little break there, Patrick,” Groban jokes. “I love how you’re showbiz already…When I come back here in a year, I’m going to be playing in the bar and I’m going to seeing posters for ‘Patrick.'”

Someone in the audience suddenly shouts, “He’s a Catholic priest!”

With a surprised but joyful voice, Groban responds, “You’re a Catholic priest?!” He then covers his mouth in shock.

“My one curse word of the night and it had to be at a priest. I’m surprised you didn’t pick ‘My Confession,'” Groban jokes, referring to his song.

“Is a Catholic priest allowed to go into show business and just rock the world? Why not? Well, good for you. Thank you, sir. Thank you for your service and for your beautiful voice there. It’s fantastic.”

“It’s funny because when priests are up there, there’s a showmanship to it. You’re in front of your flock and you can’t do a boring sermon. You have to grab ’em. You have to keep them there. I felt that energy from you tonight, Patrick.”

Watch the full video below: (Warning: mild language)

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

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