Christ’s grace is powerful!

Rapper Kanye West recently sat down with BBC Radio’s Zane Lowe on West’s 300-acre ranch in Wyoming to discuss his new album, Jesus is King, his Sunday Service, and “being born again” in Christ.

West explains in this clip why churches and family-centered communities are best for human life.

“We have to be in control of our own minds, of our own food, our health, and our families,” West begins. “Rome is the true Silicone Valley of humanity. A lot of the ideas and things that we need are from thousands and thousands of years ago.”

“What are our personal needs as human beings?” West asks. “What we need the most is each other. That’s why we gather together, just like the antelopes that are running out there. We gather together.

“And what is the best form of each other? Family. To keep our families close.

“But cities have been designed to create more problems that can create more industries. So it’s designed that your job is 45 minutes away and that you can spend time in traffic, and so the cars have more wear and tear and you use more gas.”

“But to think of communities where the church is in the center of the community and then the school, cafeteria, sustainable gardening, and homes. This is the concept that I have.”

Listen to West explain this below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above. 

What do you think of the interview?

Let us pray for Kanye West as he embarks on this new chapter in his life!

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