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Kobe Bryant was the father to four young girls, which ignited amazingly pro-life posts dedicated to dads of girls this past week. The posts came in response to ESPN anchor Elle Duncan’s powerful testimony regarding Kobe Bryant as a “girl dad.”

Bryant loved being a ‘girl dad’ so much that he told Duncan he would have five more girls if given the chance.

First, listen to her testimony below:

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We’ve gathered some popular posts on behalf of this recent #GirlDad trend. In the midst of this culture of death, this is a beautiful pro-life witness trending throughout the social media world.

Here’s some #GirlDad posts below:

Responding to Elle Duncan’s tweet of thanksgiving for the “outpouring of support behind” her “story about Kobe,” Catholic author and speaker Katie Prejean McGrady posted a photo of her husband “explaining cells and mitosis” to their daughter.

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Diocese of Richmond priest Fr. Cassidy Stinson shared his thoughts regarding the #GirlDad trend. He posted three photos of Catholic nuns he considers “spiritual daughters.”

@TheHappyPriest, Twitter

Fr. Stinson’s full tweet reads, “With all the beautiful #GirlDad stories inspired by Kobe, I’ve been reminded that one of the greatest joys in my life is in the fatherhood of my own vocation. / Say a prayer for my spiritual daughters? 😇”

Former Major League Baseball catcher Pudge Rodriguez expressed his love for being a girl dad on Instagram.

Here’s his post below:

@pudgerodriguez7, Instagram

Rodriguez’ full post reads, “#girldad 💜💛❤️ Love you both so much my mamas! DLB #prouddad.”

The Father Effect creator John Finch also dedicated a post to his daughters.

Here’s Finch’s post below:

@johnpfinch, Twitter

Finch’s post reads, “It is an honor and a privilege and one of the greatest joys of my life to be a #GirlDad.”

Political commentator Glenn Beck also expressed his love for his “three great daughters.”

@glennbeck, Twitter

Along with a picture of Beck hugging his daughters, he tweeted, “There is nothing better than loving and being loved by three great daughters. I love to listen to their laughs, insight, worries and most of all their heart. Life would be empty without them #girldad”.

Catholic News Agency editor-in-chief JD Flynn posted a photo of his daughter, anticipating this weekend’s father-daughter dance.

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Flynn’s full post reads, “This weekend is the school father-daughter dance.  / Which means it’s time to order my daughter her first corsage.”

Cambridge University professor C.C. Pecknold also expressed his love for being a girl dad with a photo of his daughter, saying “Kobe had it right.”

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Pecknold’s full tweet reads, “Kobe had it right. Being a #GirlDad is the best.”

How sweet!

St. Joseph, please guide, protect, and pray for all fathers!

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