Political commentator Charles Krauthammer said something unusual on Fox News recently: that we’ll all eventually thank the Catholic Church for its steadfast principled stand against abortion.

“I think he’s done something wonderful,” Krauthammer said (you can watch the video below) regarding Pope Francis’ recent decision to indefinitely give all priest the power to forgive the sin of abortion (rather than only bishops). “All that the Pope is doing is extending that delegation of power a little bit lower down as a way to make it easier. I think it really is an act of mercy, and it shows the lack of vindictiveness of the Church imposing its will.

“But nonetheless the will remains unchanged,” continued Krauthammer, who is a non-practicing Jew. “They’re absolutely rock-rib committed to the idea that this is a terrible thing to do, and it should not be done.

And I think years from now, and decades, people are going to look back on the issue and commend the Catholic Church for having held its own, very unpopularly, when there was this sweep and wave of legalizing abortion and to make it like an appendectomy; where the Church was the one institution that would not waver, despite the ridicule and the mockery and the attacks it suffered.

“I think our country will come to some accommodation ultimately, and we’ll thank the Church for holding up that end, and preventing sort of a radical legalization and radical widespread use of abortion.”

Wow! You don’t hear this viewpoint expressed in main stream media very often.

Here’s the video:

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