Two sisters attending World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal this week told a beautiful story about why they journeyed to the event.

21-year-old Aurora and 23-year-old Gloria from Toronto, Canada told EWTN this is their first time attending World Youth Day.

They said their mother hoped they could attend, but she passed away before they went.

"We knew about World Youth Day before COVID. We heard it was going to be in Portugal," Aurora said.

"At that time, our mom really wanted us to go. She since passed away, but we wanted to go for her."

Watch the video below:

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The ladies then told EWTN what they hope to take from the event.

"I hope I can realize the enormity of our faith and how connected we all are. It's so amazing to see everyone in different countries all come together," Aurora said. In Toronto, we don't always meet other Catholics. So this is great to see."

"I hope I can gain a community from World Youth Day– a youth community of other Catholic people." Gloria added.

World Youth Day Lisbon 2023 Breaks Records

Out of the 12 International World Youth Day celebrations, organizers said Lisbon 2023 is the largest. Every country (except the Maldives) is represented.

EWTN also published a video displaying several countries' flags.

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EWTN's Colm Flynn published a video on Aug. 3 showing "half a million young people from all over the world praying the 'Our Father' with Pope Francis here in Lisbon."

Here's the video below:

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Let us pray for all the participants at World Youth Day 2023!

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