Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann claimed a major victory after his family settled their lawsuit with CNN.

The Sandmann family filed a defamation lawsuit against the news outlet last year after a video surfaced showing Sandmann at the Jan. 2019 March for Life standing before drumming Native American Nathan Phillips. The news outlet painted Sandmann as an aggressor and racist.

Sandmann’s attorney Lin Wood said the family sued due to the “emotional distress Nicholas and his family suffered.”

The family said they were forced to move out of their home temporarily after the reports surfaced. The school also forbade Sandmann from coming to school immediately following the incident.

The family sued CNN, The Washington Post, and NBC Universal for $800 million. CNN settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount. Trial dates for The Washington Post and NBC Universal are not yet set. They also plan to sue Gannett, the owners of The Enquirer.

Here’s a clip of the original video below:

Click here if you cannot see the video above.

Wood posted a video with additional footage of the occurrence.

According to Fox19, “attorneys say the money they’re seeking is not designed to compensate Nick, but to ‘deter the defendants’ from doing the same thing (that they’re accused of) in the future.”

Nick Sandman posted an update to his Twitter account:

@N1ckSandmann, Twitter

“Yes, we settled with CNN,” he wrote.

As of this writing, the tweet has generated almost 31,000 likes, 6,000 retweets, and 3,500 comments.

Here’s what some people said:

@abovewater2, Twitter

This user said, “So happy for you!! We all suffered watching what you were going through and fought back on your behalf. The best days are yet to come. Victory! :)”

@Jezzie_K, Twitter

Another user said, “Congratulations! Hope you and the family take a major vacation after all you went through last year!”

@diqorbust, Twitter

This user added, “I truly hope that you received a big tanker load of money. You fought a good fight.”

@EspressoMike0, Twitter

This user said, “My family and I are Catholics that defended you on the other side of the country. Our middle school kids know what happened. Today we will celebrate. God bless.”

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