Please pray for Lebanon!

Former Superior of the Sanctuary of St. Charbel Fr. Charbel Beirouthy, OLM, in Annaya, Lebanon called for prayers after Beirut, Lebanon suffered an horrific and deadly explosion on Tues., Aug. 4.

“Praised to Our Lord Jesus Christ,” Fr. Charbel began.

“Tonight, I am making this video to ask all of you to pray for our beloved country of Lebanon. As you know, a big explosion happened tonight in Beirut. A large part of the city is destroyed, a lot of people are injured, and some of them have lost their lives.

“I am cordially asking for your support. Please support us with your prayers, and may the Lord bless all of you. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Here’s his request below:

As of this writing, the explosion caused more than 70 deaths and 3000 injuries. It also destroyed buildings, flipped cars, and blasted out windows. 

Fox News reported that people heard and felt the explosion more than 180 miles across the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus.

Here’s video footage of the explosion:

Click here if you cannot see the video above. 

The full tweet reads, “Mary, you who are called ‘the Cedar of Lebanon,’ look down upon your children who today and always beg your guiding hand. Grant us the faith to withstand the sweeping blows of life as the cedar stands straight against the wind.”

“Our Lady of Lebanon, pray for your children! 🇱🇧 🙏”

Here’s a video of the damage:


Maronite Catholics make up about 35 percent of Lebanon’s population, while Muslims make up approximately 60 percent.

According to a recent CNA report, Lebanon is turning to St. Charbel for help during this crisis. The country recognizes the Lebanese monk and hermit as a miraculous healing saint for both Catholics and Muslims.

“Hundreds of people killed and wounded and buildings destroyed,” Maronite Catholic and St. Charbel devotee Raymond Nader told CNA. ”The situation is catastrophic in Beirut.”

The explosion’s exact cause is still unknown.

Our Lady of Lebanon & St. Charbel, please pray for Beirut!

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