“When my body was thrown to the well, I saw that my soul was going into the hell through a terrible darkness. I was badly desired to get a drop of water for my deep thirst. I knew my soul was wandering not for the earthly water, but for the water of life, which is the Word of God.”

Ramza, a young girl, was born to a devout Muslim family in the Middle East and grew up carefully observing all the requirements of Islam. Her father was fairly wealthy, and as such had three wives and thirteen children, who all received a good education.

Her first exposure to Christianity happened at school. A friend, whose parents worked for the Protestant non-denominational evangelism organization Bibles4Mideast, told Ramza about the Gospel, though Ramza wasn’t interested.

Once a teenager, Ramza’s father planned to marry her off to an old man who already had several wives. During a heated argument in which Ramza was resisting, her father hit her over the head with a chair. Thinking that he had accidentally killed her, he and her mother put her body in a bag, drove off to the country, and dropped her into an empty well.

But she was still alive. And that’s when her visions started.

“I saw the gospel, given by my school friend in front of me,” she writes. “It made me some consolation. I tried to catch it; but my hands could not touch on it. The gospel directed my soul to an amazing garden.”

Then Jesus showed up:

“There was a strong, healthy and beautiful man standing inside the well. He catches the sack of my dead body in His hands. He untied the sack. He rubbed my head and body. I opened my eyes like waking up from a dream. I saw nailed marks in His hands. He was my Lord Jesus.

“He carried me in his hands and brought me out of the well. He said to me, ‘I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall be live (John 11:25).’

“I [fell] prostrate before Him. I said with tears of joy, ‘Lord Jesus, you are my Lord and Savior. You have crucified and died for me. You are risen indeed. I am yours. I believe in you.’

“I raised my head and looked unto Him. But there was nobody. He [had] disappeared.”

A few minutes later, Ramza says she was found by a Christian couple who said Jesus had guided them to her. With their care, she recovered and now works with a few other women on a farm, learning more about Jesus.

“Pray,” she asks, “for my family members, relatives and all the people of Middle East to be saved.”

There are many stories – perhaps 1000s of them –  of Muslims in the Muslim world experiencing Jesus in mystical visions and converting to Christianity as a result.

Pray for the conversion of Muslims!

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