Pope Francis recently had a brief audience with Leonardo DiCaprio at the Vatican. And the meeting had some pretty interesting moments.

First off, DiCaprio immediately kissed the papal ring upon entering the room and greeted the pontiff in Italian. He then gave the Pope a book of art as a gift, explaining that one of the pieces of art featured in the book hung on the wall of his childhood home. He also explained how important caring for the environment has become for him as an adult.

In return, Francis offered the actor bound copies of Evangelii Gaudium and Laudato Si. Then they both said “God bless you” to each other, and DiCaprio kissed the Pope’s ring one more time before leaving.

One thing that stands out in the brief encounter is how humbled DiCaprio appears in meeting with the Pope. We can only pray that he’ll read the documents the Pope gifted him and perhaps be led closer to Christ!

Here’s a video of their brief encounter:

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