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Context by Flame

Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh Yo Whats Up With You Man O Whats Up Wit You Bruh Yea I Noticed You Readin Ya Bible And Everything Thats Raw Ah Amen Bruh But I Just Wanna Know Have You Ever Heard Of Hermeneutics Hermeneutics? Yea Hemeneutics Naw Whats That Mayne? Well Thats Just Simply Uh The Art And Science Of Biblical Interpretation O Ok Ok And Its Very Beneficial If You Learn How To Do It You Know What I’m Sayin’

[Verse 1:]
The first task of the interpreter is called exegesis
(extra Jesus)
naw I said exegesis man
it’s a Latin word don’t be scared
matter of fact I laughed when I first heard it too
its spelled e-x-e-g-e-s-i-s
guarantee you learn this process and you’ll be blessed
exegesis is the careful systematic
study of scripture for the Christian this should be a habit
but to discover the original intended meaning
of the author to his audience is exegeting
but to do this man you need some tools
so let me recommend a couple of things you should use aight cool
first man you need this book
it’s called a commentary and it helps you to further look
into some essential things you need to check
in order for you to properly interpret the text

With this skill this should keep you from heresy
and keep you from going through theological therapy,
the words of God will change your life
if you Keep the text in its context
with this skill
this should keep you from heresy
and keep you from going through theological therapy
the words of God will change your life
if you keep the text in its context

[Verse 2:]
You need some more books I know its gettin’ scary
but you need some definitions get a bible dictionary
to go without these tools you can’t afford it (nah)
that’s why you need this book called a concordance (yeah)
and every time you start to think this is too much to do
I recommend you reflect on 2 Timothy 2 and 15
and you’ll see what I mean
simply because the serpent is lurking to glean
those who don’t read
and those who don’t study
to keep a lock on this treasure
from unlocking the pleasure
cause God’s word is lovely
that’s why we hold it as precious as pearls
to let our exegetical work reflect to the world
in accuracy
hoping that you happy to see
the very words God breathe handle accurately (yeah)
so many take text out of context (come on)
and come up with mess and more nonsense (so true)


[Verse 3:]
What you don’t wanna do is called eisegesis
(I see Jesus)
naw I said eisegesis man
you a silly dude its Latin too
and that’s just the act of when your adding to
or the process of reading one’s own meaning
into the text and that’s just eisegeting
don’t fret I know these words are new
and phrases to
but it’s cool to go back to school
its spell ei-se-gesis
guarantee you learn this process and God’ll be vexed
a text can never mean what it never meant before
to its original reader or author
so if you run into a difficult passage and you know the Bible never contradicts itself
then turn the pages to a parallel passage and just let the scriptures interpret itself


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