Why are so many loved ones leaving the Church, and how can we invite them back?

In a recent episode of The Catholic Talk Show, hosts Ryan Scheel, Ryan DellaCrosse and Father Rich Pagano welcome special guest Brandon Vogt. Together, they tackle a heartbreaking issue facing the Catholic community today: loved ones leaving the Church.

Vogt, who converted when many of his peers went their separate ways, dives into the core reasons for this trend.

"I entered the Church when I was in college at a time when most of my peers are walking out the back door," Vogt shares, "Their spiritual needs are not being met. They just lost interest. They no longer believe."

The guys and Vogt explore the current crisis of faith in the Church, the importance of understanding each person's unique reasons for leaving and the transformative power of conversion.

In our complex cultural and catechetical environment, Vogt suggests that the Church needs to maintain an active online presence to effectively draw people back to the faith.

"We need to understand why they leave the Church, and so I guide some simple conversations to ascertain that," Vogt says, urging open, compassionate dialogue.

Turning to the teachings of Saint Monica and the parable of the Prodigal Son, Vogt reminds viewers of the power of prayer and the importance of patience.

"Ambrose gives some good advice which is, perhaps you should speak more to God about Augustine than to Augustine about God," he notes, "Beg God that He sends someone else to them, maybe a friend, maybe another family member, maybe they meet someone."

Discussing his tools for understanding why a loved one left the Church and suggesting suitable remedies, what Ryan Scheel calls a ‘Holy Triage,’ Vogt suggests inviting them back to faith might require more listening than talking:

"It's heartfelt prayer that is marked by copious tears that reaches God."

Trust in the power of prayer and the grace of God!

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Let's be the light that guides our loved ones back to the heart of the Church.

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