This is such great marriage advice!

Fr. Goyo Hidalgo, an associate pastor of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, recently tweeted a beautiful story about one man’s secret to a healthy marriage.

Here’s the viral story:

@frgoyo, Twitter

The first text reads, “Frank is 89. His wife 87. Married for 64 years. Frank is in amazing shape. I asked his secret. / “When we got married, we promised each other that whoever is wrong in an argument will walk an hour around the block. I have walked a lot. You can say we have a healthy marriage.”

@frgoyo, Twitter

The second text reads, “2nd part: / Frank added, “I walked a lot Father. Believe me hehe. Then my wife started walking with me, you know, to be together. So after a while we just decided to walk together and pray in the mornings, and then we just skipped arguing altogether.” / #MarriageGoals”

How sweet!  If only we all had this outlook on our relationships!

Here’s what other users said about the story:

@AmerCatholic1, Twitter

In response, this user said, “I’ll bet you Frank does that hour first thing each day, just to get the inevitable out of the way. ”

Fr. Goyo responded:

@frgoyo, Twitter

His tweet reads, “😂😂😂😂 this is sooo funny. I can imagine him saying, ‘oh well. Might as well walk now and not argue later.’ 😂😂😂”

Here’s another user’s reaction:


@lynnwyattsmith, Twitter

The tweet reads, “Oh my gosh!!! 💗 I love this part! Who really cares who’s right & who’s wrong anyway… that’s just our false selves wanting to be important. Boy, it sure is hard letting that part of ourselves die, but I want that so badly! #trueself #noego #iwanttobeasaint”

This user also reacted:


Her tweet reads, “This is the sweetest story ever! I’ve been married 16.5 years this time and I’m about to enter the church. I can’t wait to grow even older with him, and this journey we’ve been on has had its ups and downs but it’s been incredibly rewarding. I love this!! <3”

What are your thoughts about this beautiful story?

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