Mariah Carey filed to officially trademark the “Queen of Christmas” title.

In Dec. 2021, ChurchPOP reported that the pop singer told BBC’s The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show that she “humbly” rejects this title.

“Can I just say that I did not create the title or the moniker, ‘Queen of Christmas,’” Carey said in the podcast. “I did not do that. That was other people, and I just want to humbly say I don’t consider myself that.

“I’m someone that loves Christmas [and] happened to be blessed to write ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ and a lot of other Christmas songs. And let’s face it: everybody’s faith is what it is, but to me, Mary is the Queen of Christmas.”

The media penned Carey as “Queen of Christmas” in response to her record-breaking Christmas songs, particularly “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

However, the singer officially filed to trademark the title in March 2021. 

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Carey filed the trademark on March 10, 2021, several months prior to the Dec. 2021 podcast.

The application includes multiple products for monetary gain, including perfumes, lotions, cosmetics, jewelry, food, music, and more.

Several singers currently object to the filing, even going so far as to legally challenge it.

As Catholics, we certainly believe that Our Lady is the true Queen of Christmas. She bore the King of the Universe – Jesus – on Christmas Day! 

Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth, pray for Mariah Carey!

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