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Actor Mark Wahlberg recently published an Instagram photo with priest Fr. Eugene and two friends. The photo implies Fr. Eugene celebrated a private Mass with the group.

Here’s the photo below:

@markwahlberg, Instagram

Wahlberg’s full post reads, “No matter what’s happening we never miss Mass. 🙏❤️🙏 Thanks, Father Eugene. 🙏❤️🍀”

The post generated more than 3,000 comments. Instagram users reacted positively, including celebrity Mario Lopez, as well as The Catholic Traveler.

Here’s what some Instagram users said:

@mariolopez, Instagram

Mario Lopez wrote, That’s wassup right there my man! #Respect”.

@thecatholictraveler, Instagram

Mountain Butorac (also known as “The Catholic Traveler) wrote, ” You should hook Father Eugene up with a new Mass kit.”

@3porterboys, Instagram

Another user wrote, “That’s inspiring. ♥️”

@nancy0813, Instagram

This user said, “Thanks for being a celeb who’s willing to show their faith! ♥️”

@mhudson1012, Instagram

Another user added, “Your mother taught you well. ♥️”

Wahlberg was raised Catholic and has publicly declared his faith in recent years. His wife, Rhea Durham, is a successful model and converted to Catholicism in 2009 just before their wedding. Together they have four children.

Nonetheless, Wahlberg received criticism for starring in the raunchy comedy film series Ted, and appeared to openly support same-sex marriage (which is contrary to Catholic teaching).

Let us pray for all Catholic celebrities!

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