Wow! This is beautiful! God is so good!

An Instagram user sent ChurchPOP a sonogram image seemingly portraying the Blessed Mother holding a pregnant woman’s baby.

The user explained that the ultrasound image was taken 15 years ago while the mother was pregnant with her fifth child. Doctors said she would never conceive, but had nine children.

See the photo and full story below:

Courtesy of Anna Ducayne

Here’s the full text of the story:

“15 years ago, my family experienced something that we will never forget.

“Years before this occurred, my mother was told she wouldn’t be able to have any more children due to some health issues, but continued on to have a total of nine.

“Life was something that has always been precious to my parents, and they had instilled this love for life in all of her children.

“When my mother was pregnant with her fifth child, she had gone to have an appointment and had a sonogram done.

“In the image, it appears to be Our Lady holding the baby. We were all shocked an amazed at what we saw.

“We could see the Blessed Mother’s eyes, nose, and mouth perfectly, and there was no doubt in our minds about what had unfolded.

“This is an image that my family will always cherish. This miracle is a sign that the Blessed Mother is always watching over us even when we are in the womb!

“The thought of this image is something that always comes up around the time of the March for Life, because it shows just how precious life is in the womb.

We really want to share this image with the world so we can show that Our Lady is the Mother to all.”

Here’s a close-up of the sonogram:

Courtesy of Anna Ducayne

If you can’t see the image, here’s a visual description of the alleged image in the sonogram:

Courtesy of Anna Ducayne

What do you think of the image? Do you think it’s really Our Lady?

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