Catholic wife, mother, and business owner Nicole LeBlanc announced the birth of her conjoined twins via emergency c-section on Tues., May 16.

LeBlanc revealed the twins born at 32 weeks lived for one hour. They were baptized and confirmed with the names Maria Therese and Rachel Clare.

"My girls were loved and held until their final moments and all that they knew their entire lives was love from Austin and [me]," LeBlanc wrote on Instagram.

"God designed them so beautifully in my womb and it was an absolute honor and privilege to carry them for as long as I could," she continued.

"Their lives have touched so many and the support my family has received has been nothing short of incredible."

Here's LeBlanc's post below:

ChurchPOP first covered LeBlanc's story on April 25 after news surfaced she was expecting conjoined twins sharing one heart and vital organs.

She considered the pregnancy a gift from God and a unique opportunity to share the pro-life message.

“I believe my family has a very special mission to save as many babies as possible from the evils of abortion,” LeBlanc said. “We are the pro-life generation!”

LeBlanc shared several updates on social media before the delivery.

In the weeks prior, LeBlanc did not know how long the babies would live. Nicole and her husband, Austin, knew miscarriage was possible. They also hoped the babies would survive after she gave birth.

At 29 weeks pregnant, LeBlanc told ChurchPOP that doctors scheduled her c-section for June 2. However, due to slowed growth and slowed heartbeats, they moved the procedure to May 16.

Knowing the twins' condition, Nicole and Austin had a priest "on standby" for the sacraments of baptism and confirmation immediately after delivery.

They also made preparations for the cemetery and funeral home.

Here's Nicole's update the day before she gave birth:

LeBlanc told followers that despite complications and an "emotional eight months," she said "being pregnant with two saints" was "totally worth it."

Concluding her latest announcement, LeBlanc asked for the twins' intercession.

"St. Maria Therese and Saint Rachel Clare, ora pro nobis. Austin and I love you more than you could ever know. Now, my princesses, you rest in the beatific vision of Our Lord and Lady."

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