There’s a new trend of refugees from Muslim countries converting to Christianity in Germany, according to a fascinating report by The Atlantic.

Some converts had already secretly converted before coming to Germany, but were unable to convert while in their home country. Others were inspired by the kindness of the Christians they met. As a result, some churches that were otherwise dying are filling up with converts from Islam.

“I wouldn’t say I was a Muslim [before],” one new convert said. “I didn’t go to a mosque for an entire year. Now I am going to church every week.”

One said he had come across a Bible back home and had converted in his mind but not outwardly, until coming to Germany. “Before it was just theoretical to me, but now I can see it and feel it by my pastor’s kindness.”

Another pointed to the kindness of the Christians he encountered. The Christians “were kind people. In Islam, the person who does the killing and the person who dies yells Allahu Akbar,” he said. “In Iran, we became Muslim by force.”

You can read the whole article here.

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