This is interesting turn of events.

The 13th annual course on Catholic exorcism at Regina Apostolorum University in Rome has been taking place this week, and it’s revealed fascinating information about the Church’s spiritual warfare around the world.

At one point during a Q&A, then-89-year-old Albanian Cardinal Ernest Simoni revealed the following:

Many Muslims come to our place, even highly educated ones. They say, ‘Father, someone has done black magic on me, can you pray over me and remove the devil?’ What’s the best way to help these people? …[M]any come from Lebanon with similar problems.”

Whoa. That’s incredible that Muslims in Muslim-majority countries would be going to a Catholic-minority for help with spiritual warfare!

In answer to the question, the Cardinal encouraged the priest to perform exorcisms on Muslims, saying that God can work in the lives of anyone, regardless of their current religious beliefs.

The conference also focused heavily on problems with witchcraft, especially in Africa.

We will deal with the theme of the kidnapping and murder of children for ritual sacrifice, linked to witchcraft, in order to obtain favors for clients,” Professor Giuseppe Ferrari, one of the course organizers, said before the course.

Pray for the Church’s exorcists!

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