Please pray for our country!

A Vietnamese Catholic priest (who requested anonymity) warned Christians in the United States against the dangers of Communism in a personal testimony about living under the Communist Party of Vietnam as a child.

Here’s the priest’s story:

“My childhood story about living under Vietnamese Communists:

My childhood neighbors were so smart academically, but in order for them to get enrolled in a special advanced educational program their parents filled out a form denying their own religion and said they were atheists instead.

My sister was told she could not get admitted to a university even if she had met all qualifications but because:

1) we were Catholic;

2) my siblings escaped the country and so we were considered as betrayers to our country;

3) my father was a political prisoner – his jail time was 8 years for being a politician for the South Vietnam.

The communists fired my mother as an elementary school teacher because we were Catholic and for other reasons mentioned above.

The communists harassed my parish’s pastor, keep calling him to the station to be interrogated for no good reason. Then they came to our parish taking away our parish’s savings!

My bishop was house-arrested until the day he died because he had called all his brother bishops not to join the government to become state-run Catholics.

We are experiencing something going horribly wrong here in the U.S where some politicians have an issue with devout Catholics serving in public office.

Don’t become like Communists!”

Pray for Communists!

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