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Bishop Robert Barron of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles recently tweeted about a young man who became Christian after years of watching and commenting on his Word on Fire Videos.

The bishop posted a photo of the story, asking the faithful to pray for this man.

Check out the post below:

@BishopBarron, Twitter

Bishop Barron’s tweet reads, “Friends, please join me in praying for Josh, a commenter on our YouTube channel. After years of agnosticism, he’s recently become a Christian. I couldn’t be more thrilled!”


Here’s a close up of the photo Bishop Barron posted, which includes the story:

@BishopBarron, Twitter

YouTube user Josh the Mover’s post reads, “God bless you Bishop. Listening to your wise words, along with reading CS Lewis, has helped me become a Christian in the last year. I can’t express with words how grateful I am. Thanks for all you do!”

YouTube user Zu C then asks, “Were you an atheist?”

Josh responds, “Agnostic. I wasn’t raised in a religious household, but I always had a sense that there was more to life than just the cold physical world.

“I got into the New Age stuff for a little bit, but it always left something to be desired.

“I discovered Jordan Peterson in 2016 and he led me to Jonathan Pageau and Paul VanderKlay, whom led me to CS Lewis and Bishop Barron. After reading “Mere Christianity,” my world was rocked.”

More than a hundred responses followed Bishop Barron’s tweet, many of which praised God for his goodness. Some also said that Bishop Barron has been instrumental in additional conversions!

Here’s some of the responses:

@andonalonso, Twitter

This user tweeted, “Truly the heavens are rejoicing for this lost sheep that has found himself in a righteous path to heaven. Let’s pray he continues the road to salvation.”


@InnateIntuition, Twitter

Another user said, “To God be the glory!”


@MicheleKot, Twitter

This user added, “Prayers for Josh 🙏🏻. Welcome to the family.”

@lonniedmassey, Twitter

This user tweeted, “I’m thankful for your part in my own return to faith and in entering the Catholic Church.”


@hrod112, Twitter

Another user added, “So wonderful! My husband was agnostic for 80 years and after watching your Catholicism series and RCIA he converted. He and I are big fans of your work! May God continue to guide you.”

@Mattman34, Twitter

This user also said, “Glory to God, and thank you so much Bishop for being so instrumental in my reversion to the faith.”

To God be all the Glory!

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