Now this is an awesome Catholic witness! 🙌

ESPN interviewed former Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers about his regular use of the latin term “Nunc Coepi,” which means “Now I begin.”

Rivers, who is also a devout Catholic, husband, and father of seven children, explains that “a priest friend of ours gave me that phrase years ago…it’s that never-ending begin.”

“You always hear ‘let’s go!’ It’s another way that triggers ‘begin again.'”

“As a quarterback, it’s play-to-play. You’re always starting again, whether it’s good or bad..if you ask any of my children at home, ‘What’s dad’s favorite phrase?” They would be right on it.”

Watch the full video from ESPN below:

The Latin phrase that helped Rivers begin again

Chargers QB Philip Rivers explains the Latin phrase “Nunc Coepi,” meaning “now I begin,” and the role it plays in his life.

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He also discussed the motto in a commencement speech at the Catholic University of America in 2014.

Check out his speech below:

As the Venerable Bruno Lanteri said,  “If I should fall even a thousand times a day, a thousand times a day I will, with peace in my heart, turn to God, ask his forgiveness, and begin again.”

What do you think of this Latin term? Will you apply it to your life?

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