Have you heard of Blessed Stanley Rother?

He was a courageous Catholic priest who became a martyr for his faith.

His beatification acknowledged his sanctity and the profound impact he had on the lives of those he served. He provides an example of selflessness, courage, and unwavering dedication to others.

Here are nine things to know and share about Blessed Stanley Rother:

Blessed Stanley Rother
Caroline Perkins, ChurchPOP

1. Stanley Francis Rother was born March 27, 1935, in Okarche, Oklahoma.

2. He was a priest and part of the Oklahoma diocese's mission in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. He served the native tribe of the Tz’utujil.

3. He was a skilled electrician, plumber, and farmer. These trades helped him with his mission work.

Who was blessed stanley rother?
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4. He learned the native language of the Tz’utujil and translated the New Testament for them.

5. He helped improve the lives of the Tz’utujil people by establishing a radio station, school, and hospital, all while tirelessly advocating for their rights and well-being.

How did Blessed Stanley Rother die?
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6. He was loyal to his Guatemalan parishioners saying, “A shepherd cannot run from his flock.”

According to Catholic News Agency, “Blessed Stanley Rother faced danger to his own life in Guatemala, since his name was on a hit list. For safety, he returned to Oklahoma, where he said these words.  He went back to Guatemala for Holy Week to serve his parishioners despite the danger. Less than four months later, he was killed.”

7. Father Rother was assassinated on July 28, 1981.

Is Blessed Stanley Rother a saint?
Caroline Perkins, ChurchPOP

8. Blessed Stanley Rother is the first American-born martyr.

9. His heart has been enshrined by the Tz’utujil people and the room where he was killed was converted into a chapel in his honor.

Prayer for the Canonization of Blessed Stanley Rother:

O God, fount of all holiness,
make us each walk worthily in our vocation,
through the intercession of your Saints,
on whom you bestowed a great variety of graces on earth.

Having graced your Church with the life of
your priest and martyr, Blessed Stanley Rother,
grant that by his intercession
this humble flock may reach
where the brave shepherd has gone.

Grant that your Church may proclaim him a saint
living in your presence
and interceding for us.
Through Christ our Lord.


Prayer Source: Archdiocese of Oklahoma

Blessed Stanley Rother, pray for us!

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