This is so funny! But it also has a great point.

Have you ever heard pro-abortionists say that, because only women receive them, men can’t have an opinion on abortion?

It’s a silly ad hominem fallacy (attacking the person, not their argument), but it’s unfortunately very common. Of course men can – and should – have opinions on abortion (everyone should oppose it!).

The pro-life Facebook page called CHOICE42 has parodied this pro-abortion talking point in an amazing video that has been going viral the last few weeks. Watch it below!

This summer, the same page produced another amazing video called “The Magical Birth Canal” parodying the idea that being born is what makes a baby human. That video has gotten well over a million views!

Here’s the video:

If the video isn’t working for you, view it here.

Men, please stand with pro-life women against abortion!

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