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Sister Gloria Cecilia Narváez returned home to Colombia on Tues., Nov. 16 after Mali Jihad terrorists kept her in captivity for four years and eight months.

Vatican News reported terrorists abducted the sister of the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate in 2017.

While in captivity, Sr. Gloria often moved from place to place, as they knew remaining in one location was unsafe. Her captors only allowed her short walks, but she used these walks an an opportunity to pray, write, and draw closer to God.

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“On the days when we were stable, I would get up very early in the morning, watch the sunrise, write some reflections with charcoal in a notebook, expressing my trust in God,” the sister said.

“I would walk a little because I couldn’t get away from the camp. They would tell me you can go from here to here, don’t stray so far, don’t go farther than this point. This is your space.”

The sister added that she never became seriously ill during her captivity, attributing it to “God’s grace.”

Sr. Gloria explained her joy of seeing family again. However, her mother passed away while she was in captivity.

“My mother died a year ago, but she was a woman of faith, who prayed a lot for me–for everyone. I am very happy that I will see my family again,” the sister explained.

Here’s the video of her arrival in Colombia:


Before returning home, Sr. Gloria first received a blessing while visiting Pope Francis in Rome on Oct. 9. She remained near Rome with members of her religious community until she returned to Colombia.

Let us thank God for the safe return of Sr. Gloria Cecilia Narváez!

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