President Barack Obama revealed in a recent interview that he carries a rosary from Pope Francis in his pocket.

“That obviously means a lot to me because I so admire him. It makes me think about peace and promoting understanding and ethical behavior.”

He also pulled from his pocket a small Coptic cross from Ethiopia.

YouTube personality Ingrid Nilsen had asked the president to bring something from his home that was important to him.

Obama explained that since he started running for president, people have gifted him with various objects. While he has too many things to carry all at once, he says he regularly picks out a few things every now and then to carry around to “remind me of all the people I’ve met along the way and the stories they’ve told me.”

He also showed a tiny buddhist figurine from a buddhist monk, a “lucky poker chip” from a biker, and a hindu figurine.

Watch him talk about the rosary here:

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