How do you embrace Lent with your children?

A mother shared a beautiful Lenten tradition to help children focus on penance and charity.

Lent is an important time to grow in faith through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

Benedict XVI said in his 2008 message for Lent:

“Lent invites us to 'train' ourselves spiritually, also through the practice of almsgiving, to grow in charity and recognize Christ himself in the poor.”

To help children grow in charity and focus on the teachings of this liturgical time, Instagram user Mama Bice shared a beautiful tradition to teach her children to love others:

The Crown of Thorns

The user pointed out that this exercise consists of placing a crown on a box in which toothpicks will be placed.

Every time one of the children performs an act of charity, a thorn is removed and put in a jar.

For her three children, she places 100 toothpicks, enough for the liturgical season. In addition, this year the box was decorated with purple fabrics, a color associated with Lent.

"This tradition is one the kids look forward to every year," she wrote.

"With each thorn removed, they can see their progress not only towards the glorious celebration of Easter, but also in their own path to growing virtues.

"On Easter morning when the crown of thorns is replaced with a king's crown and we have bright gold, flowers, and eggs, the children are so excited."

Several users responded positively to the mother's Lenten tradition.

One user said, "This is a great idea! Training for a servant's heart!"

Another person said, "Love the idea of taking away the thorns through a good deed. Beautiful!"

One user added, "What a beautiful idea. Children will be able to truly understand and be encouraged to do acts of kindness."

Will you embrace this tradition with your family?

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