Talk about spiritual warfare.

An LGBT pride parade took place this last weekend in Odessa, Ukraine. LGBT pride parades are not particularly noteworthy these days.

But what happened after the parade this weekend is: an Eastern Orthodox priest visited the parade site and cleansed the space with holy water. (Pictures below!)

The head of the Missionary Department of the Eastern Orthodox Diocese of Odessa Fr. Oleg Mokryak led the cleansing, with help from a group of laypeople. Together, the dispensed holy water on people, the road, and on monuments as they walked, explaining to onlookers that they were specifically cleansing the area following the LGBT parade.

Holy water has long been a powerful sacramental used by Christians. St. Teresa of Avila attested that “from long experience I have learned that there is nothing like holy water to put devils to flight.”

Last year, the priest who visited the room from which someone shot into a crowd in Las Vegas killing 58 people and injuring hundreds reported feeling a malevolent presence in the room and cleansed the room spiritually with holy water.

Here are some pictures being shared on social media:

@cityod, Twitter / Odessa Media

@cityod, Twitter / Odessa Media

@cityod, Twitter / Odessa Media

@cityod, Twitter / Odessa Media

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