“When my mind is on this and thinking I’m defined by this, then my mind goes crazy” U.S. Olympian David Boudia told the reporter, gesturing to the pool where he and his partner Steele Johnson had just won a silver medal for synchronized diving. “But we both know our identity is in Christ.

Johnson echoed Boudia’s statement when he was asked by the same reporter how he maintained his composure. “The fact that I was going into this event knowing that my identity is rooted in Christ,” Johnson explained, “and not what the result of this competition is, it just gave me peace, it gave me ease, and it let me enjoy the contest.

“If something went great, I was happy; if something didn’t go great, I could still find joy. […] God’s given us a cool opportunity.”

The diving pair was also open about their Christian faith at the Olympic trials.

“This is exciting, this is fun, but this is not where my identity is going to be in the rest of my life. Yeah, I’m Steele Johnson, the Olympian, but at the same time, I’m here to love and serve Christ. My identity is rooted in Christ, and not in the flips we’re doing.”

Boudia also pointed to Christ. “We can’t take credit for this, [to] God be the glory, this is why we do what we do, day in and day out.”

Here’s a video of their interview at the Olympics:

And you can watch a video of their interview from the Olympics trials here.

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