Have you ever heard of the Green Scapular of the Immaculate Heart?

Many miraculous healings and conversions are attached to this sacramental dedicated to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart.

Our Lady gave us the Green Scapular to Sr. Justine Bisqueyburu of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. After several visions, Our Lady presented the Green Scapular on Sept. 8, 1840.

Our Lady appeared with her heart engulfed in flames in one hand and the scapular in the other. The scapular consisted of green cloth attached to a green chord.

One side of the scapular displayed her apparition. The other side depicted a heart set ablaze and pierced with a sword, “with rays more brilliant than the sun and clearer than crystal.

Inscribed in an oval around Our Lady’s heart were these words: “Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.”

At the time of the apparition, Sr. Justine heard interiorly that the scapular “should be shared with the world as an instrument in the conversion of souls.”

Pope Pius IX approved this sacramental in 1863 and again in 1870. He said, “Write to these good Sisters that I authorize them to make and distribute it.”

A priest should bless the scapular and the devotee should wear it, saying the inscribed prayer regularly and with confidence.

To help another person obtain grace, the devotee may secretly place the scapular in a home, for example, and pray the inscribed prayer with confidence for the individual.

Here’s a photo of the scapular:

Vincentian Encyclopedia, Screenshot

Here’s a story about how one man discovered the miraculous Green Scapular:

“Let me tell you the story of how I discovered the Green Scapular. This is my only way of trying to spread a true and tender love of Her Immaculate Heart and of paying my debt to Her. Some years ago, before penicillin was in use, I was lying in a hospital very ill with pneumonia. I began to hemorrhage and the doctors decided to operate as a last resource. Then a little nun came into my room.

“‘Father, have you great faith in the Mother of God, especially in Her Immaculate Heart? If so, you can be cured.’

“‘How, Sister?’

“‘Through the Green Scapular.’

“‘What is that?’

“‘Four years ago, Father, I was operated on for cancer. I was so filled with it, that they just closed me up and sent me away to die. Then I prayed to Our Lady of the Green Scapular; grew tired of waiting to die and came back to work. I am cured, Father. Do you want me to give you a Scapular?’

“‘Please, Sister.’

“With that she put one over my head. A feeling of tremendous confidence poured into me and the bleeding stopped. Two days later, in the X-ray room, they asked me when the hemorrhage had ceased. When I replied that it was a matter of a couple of days, they expressed great surprise.

“‘You have a wound that is six months healed and there is no other mark.’

“Today even the scars are gone. No wonder I speak of an unpayable debt to Her Immaculate Heart. Since then I have done everything possible to foster this devotion. To my great joy and amazement, those to whom I have spoken of the Green Scapular have become more zealous than I. Never have I seen the equal of the faith and confidence of these new apostles of Mary.”

(Testimony by Robert A. Macdonald, C.Ss.R.)

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death! 

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