Hallmark Drama Channel aired the annual Movieguide Awards show on Feb. 24, which recognizes Christian and family-friendly entertainment in Hollywood.

Unplanned received nominations in two categories: Faith & Freedom Award for Movies and Best Movie for Mature Audiences. They also nominated Unplanned star Ashley Bratcher for the Grace Prize for Most Inspiring Performance for Movies.

However, Bratcher announced that Hallmark erased Unplanned from the awards show.

Here’s her tweet below:

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Bratcher tweeted, “Outraged. Movieguide Awards recently aired on @hallmarkdrama & @UnplannedMovie & I were nominated.

“We were the ONLY nominees who were not recognized. Hallmark has ERASED us from the show and refused to acknowledge us as nominees. This is completely UNACCEPTABLE.”

She also posted a video of herself speaking on stage at the show.

@_AshleyBratcher, Twitter

Bratcher explained that the video depicts “the moment the film was honored and recognized as a nominee for one of the best movies for mature audiences.

“All mentions of the film were pulled from Hallmark’s televised show, even in just the announcement of nominees.”

Many users reacted, explaining their disappointment in Hallmark Channel.

@LindaBSearcy, Twitter

This user said, “I am so disappointed that @hallmarkchannel is forgetting their audience and who got them where they are. We barely watch them anymore. Not even all the Christmas movies. Thanks for your bravery. The only one who counts is always watching and He’s proud of you.”

@LaurieJazzysam, Twitter

Another user said, “Done with Hallmark!!! You are still winners to us!!!👍🏻”

@Winchester1776, Twitter

This user added, “That’s it for me and the Hallmark Channel. This is unacceptable…”

Bratcher encourages Unplanned supporters to contact Hallmark’s corporate office:

@_AshleyBratcher, Twitter

Bratcher’s full tweet reads, “Tweet them @hallmarkchannel, post on their Facebook, send them a message, or call their number: 1-800-HALLMARK.”

Click here to contact Hallmark Channel.

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