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The "Padre Pio" movie was released in the United States on June 2.

The movie starring Shia LaBeouf follows the young life of St. Padre Pio upon his arrival in San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy. It covers the political turmoil during that time and shows little-known aspects of Padre Pio's young life.

Brother Alex Rodriguez, OFM Cap., who appears in the movie as Padre Pio's friend and confidant, explained that the script accurately depicts the saint's life before he received the stigmata.

"Pio is experiencing three worlds: the human side of things, the devil, and then God," Brother Rodriguez told ChurchPOP.

"Historically speaking, even though it seems like it's two different stories sometimes, really it's like an introduction to why he received the stigmata, and then later on his other ministries that he did."

"The movie is showing historically – mostly accurate - like he comes to know these people slowly," he continued. "Hearing their confessions, the Mass, hearing about the turmoil, etc."

Where to Watch the Padre Pio Movie

Many online users wonder where to watch Padre Pio. The movie is showing in limited theaters across the United States and is available on many streaming services.

Here's where to stream the Padre Pio movie:

Amazon (Prime Video)
Google Play
Microsoft Movies & TV
Sony PSN
Redbox Digital

Here are the theater locations Padre Pio is playing:


Indian Land, S.C.
Highland Park, Ill.
Lawrenceburg, Ind.
Columbus, Ohio
Pickerington, Ohio
Canton, Mich.
Royal Oak, Mich.
Grandville, Mich.
Muskegon, Mich.
Gettysburg, Pa.
Hanover, Pa.
York, Pa.
Chino Hills, Calif.
Encino, Calif.
Los Angeles, Calif.
Oxnard, Calif.
Miami, Fla.
Myrtle Beach, S.C.
New York, N.Y.
Bellevue, Neb.
Omaha, Neb.
Melbourne, Fla.
West Melbourne, Fla.
Reading, Pa.
Casa Grande, Ariz.
Chandler, Ariz.
Flagstaff, Ariz.
Mesa, Ariz.
Peoria, Ariz.
Prescott Valley, Ariz.
Queen Creek, Ariz.
Scottsdale, Ariz.
Sedona, Ariz.
Lincoln, R.I.
Tucson, Ariz.
California, Md.
Wilkes Barre, Pa.
Wilmington, N.C.
Claremont, Calif.


Santa Clarita, Calif.


Venice, Fla.

Criticism of the Padre Pio Movie

The Padre Pio movie is rated R.

Many Catholics criticize the movie's strong language and nudity.

Director Abel Ferrara told Catholic News Agency that a naked woman appeared to Padre Pio in his bedroom. The incident was taken from Pio's personal letters to his spiritual director.

“We’re taking it from his letters. I mean, we’re trying to embody when he’s talking about temptation in a real way,” Ferrara said.

Regarding Pio's use of strong language in the film, Brother Rodriguez said “this is Abel’s take on showing the world that Pio, who is a saint, was also a sinner."

Brother Rodriguez said Pio struggled with anger and his temper, according to his personal letters.

"This movie is showing the human side of Padre Pio that most people don't know about, which you find in his personal letters. That in his sufferings, his personal sufferings, including the sufferings of the people of San Giovanni," Brother Rodriguez told ChurchPOP.

"The stigmata happened because of those events. It did not happen just because he was holy."

Watch ChurchPOP's interview with director Abel Ferrara, Brother Alex Rodriguez, and Shia LaBeouf below:

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