In the middle of the most populated city in the United States, a procession shook the hearts of believers: the ‘Lord of Miracles’ toured “The Big Apple” on Oct. 17.

The Peruvian community along, with many other foreigners, processed through 5th Avenue with a replica of the indestructible Lord of Miracles (Señor de los Milagros) image after Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Peruvian Msgr. Guillermo Cornejo concelebrated with a special Mass for the occasion.

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Here’s the Peruvian image left St. Patrick’s Cathedral:

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The photographs portrayed an incredible moment of faith, homage, devotion and reverence that perhaps only conveys the particular Latin American popular religiosity.

Procession of the Lord of Miracles shakes New York

The members of the Brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles in New York carried the image throughout the streets of Manhattan, while singers and women carrying incense created an atmosphere conducive to veneration.

While the faithful processed, dancers performed and traditional songs played for the glory of the ‘Lord of the Miracles.’

The procession lasted five hours. It concluded at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Devotee Luka Gonzales captured images of the special event:

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Here’s some enlarged images of the event:

Luke Gonzalez, Facebook

Luke Gonzalez, Facebook

Luke Gonzalez, Facebook

Luke Gonzalez, Facebook

Luke Gonzalez, Facebook

Luke Gonzalez, Facebook

Isn’t it beautiful?

What do you think of this procession in New York? 

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