Claims of a Eucharistic miracle at a parish in Brazil have gone viral across social media.

According to one account, a priest was celebrating Mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Tangará da Serra on Sunday, August 14th. He placed a consecrated host in a chalice with the Precious Blood, drank the Precious Blood, and when he finished noticed something strange: the host had stuck to the side of the chalice, and on it appeared the face of Jesus. Other various stories being passed around are saying the host was or is bleeding, or that it had turned to flesh.

Commenters on Facebook responded with praise to God. “Lord, give us the grace to have more love and devotion for your holy Eucharist!” “Signs of the times! Glory to God!” “God always be praised!”

Now, it doesn’t seem particularly strange to us that a host, after having been immersed in a liquid, would stick to a glass chalice. We aren’t able to see any face or any evidence of bleeding in the photos. And it doesn’t look like flesh to us.

ChurchPOP was able to briefly speak on the phone to the secretary of the parish where this took place, James Marcal, and he said their parishioners are not thinking of it as a miracle, per se, but as some sort of sign from God.

Here are the photos so you can see for yourself:

Denis Caldas Cervinskis, Facebook
Denis Caldas Cervinskis, Facebook

Denis Caldas Cervinskis, Facebook
Denis Caldas Cervinskis, Facebook

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