You don’t see this very often!

Gesturing sharply with his hand, Pope Francis sternly corrected a group of overeager young people after they pulled him down on top of a boy with disabilities. His rebuke was caught on video that was also being displayed live on screens throughout the stadium in Morelia, Mexico.

“What’s going on with you?” Francis said sternly to the people who had pulled him down as he regained his balance and checked to see if the boy with disabilities was okay. “Don’t be selfish! Don’t be selfish!”

The 79-year-old pontiff is finishing up a nearly week-long visit of the country.

You can see the unusual encounter for yourself:

First, they pulled him down on top of a boy with disabilities:

Acitv, YouTube
Acitv, YouTube

Then they got called out by the Pope:

Acitv, YouTube
Acitv, YouTube

Here’s the video:

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