Here’s another first for the papacy.

Pope Francis will appear as himself in the upcoming film Beyond the Sun, scheduled for release this Christmas.

The film is about a group of children who emulate the apostles, and most of the production of the film was done in Argentina, Pope Francis’ home country. Any profits from the film will be donated to two charities in Argentina.

The pontiff makes an appearance in the middle of the film, and then again at the end for about 6 minutes, in which he explains to the children how to best follow Jesus. Shot in a single take, the Pope’s remarks were unscripted; he decided for himself what to say.

And here’s part of what he says in the film:

“Don’t think of [the Gospels] as a huge book … The Gospels are small. But you have to read them slowly, bit by bit. And you should be with someone who can explain whatever you don’t understand. “I recommend people who are adults to always carry a small Gospel with them in their pockets, in the woman’s purse, because – on the subway or on the bus, or waiting at the doctor’s, who knows – you can read a little. Or you keep it at home. […]

“Speak to Jesus … Tell him what’s happening to you. What happened today. Tell him the things you saw and you disliked, or in the school or out in the streets, or in your family … Jesus is waiting for you, and he is looking for you, and you don’t realize … Look for him, and that’s how you will find each other. Dare to do it.”

When the shoot involving the pontiff was complete, Pope Francis reported asked the crew in characteristic fashion: “Please pray for me.”

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