Well that’s not a bad reason!

While processing into Mass outside a monastery in Poland for World Youth Day, 79-year-old Pope Francis tripped and fell. Fortunately, people around him were able to help him up right away and he went on with the Mass and the rest of WYD without a problem.

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From the videos, it wasn’t clear why he fell. But during his in-flight interview on his way home from Poland, the pontiff was asked about the fall and he revealed why he tripped: he was distracted from looking at Our Lady!

“I was looking at the Madonna,” Pope Francis said to the reporters, “and I forgot about the stairs. I was with the thurible in hand.”

He also explained why he thought he had not suffered any injuries from the fall.

“And when I felt that I was falling, I let myself fall and this saved me, because if I had made some resistance, I would have had consequences. Nothing. I am wonderful, I am very well.”

RT, YouTube
RT, YouTube

Praise the Lord that Pope Francis was unharmed!

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